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Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with GF and Hymoviz

Hymoviz Injections + Growth Factors Injections (GF)  = Secret Ingredients


Benefits of Growth Factors and Hymoviz Injections?

To learn about the benefits of growth factors and Hymoviz Injections; firstly, we have to learn about what the growth factors and diseases which such injections help treat it.

  1. Growth factors are chemical materials that reconstruct the tissues and cartilage damaged in the human body. It also aids the healing of wounds and decreasing inflammation generated by various diseases like: the knee osteoarthritis; furthermore, the growth factors serve tissues to return to its normal shape another time after getting injured. Scientists and researchers in the intervention pain management agreed on the extraordinary ability of growth factors to affect tendons and bones. They also have the high potential to cure muscles and cartilages. They also do leave no trace or surgical effects. They are not expensive compared to other techniques generally recognized in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.
  2. Hymoviz Injections have the ability to treat the torn semilunar cartilage of knee. As well as their superior ability to reconstruct the affected tissues and cartilages in time caused by osteoarthritis and multiple infections due to containing anti-inflammatory and growth factors. The patient does not have to be injected several times but one injection is adequate. However, Hymoviz Injections to knee is considered as a new and updated way to treat the pains and problems of knee, this kind of treatment was a big success and met the patients’ satisfaction in European countries.

What happens if growth factors are merged with developed Hymoviz Injections     

Role of new generation of knee injections in treating the damaged cartilages.   

Cartilages are a layer of tissues covering the bones and segregating between the joints and each other. The cartilages moderates the movement in the human body and prevents friction between the vertebrae, therefore, these cartilages protect from slipped vertebraeosteoarthritis and friction between the vertebrae while moving. It is well-known that the cartilages are damaged over time and advanced ageThe cartilage is also affected by an increase of movement and any harm come to it may lead to the need to change the body joints in the long term if it was being neglected and cause tremendous pain. The cartilage does not cure itself and it is not treated except through replacing it by therapeutic injection. The recent scientific researches proved the ability of Hymoviz injections to cure torn meniscus and cure the damage in it.   

Are growth factors and Hymoviz injections safe and effective?

Growth factors and Hymoviz injections are one of the most effective and safe therapeutic injections for patients suffered from osteoarthritis. As well as, these injections are approved internationally by Food and Drug Administration so that growth factors are a routine method for treatment and most used currently for patients suffered from osteoarthritis.


Do growth factors include cortisone and what are the common characteristics between them?

Growth factors shall not include the cortisone at all and there are no common characteristics between them, where the scientific studies and researches have shown that the cortisone impairs function in tissues in the long term. Growth factors are also a temporary treatment due to containing anti-inflammatory and tranquilizers in order to remove the pains generated by the osteoarthritis. Growth factors include a catalyst that reconstruct and repair tissues and cartilage affected by osteoarthritis and therefore, protect the patient from inflammation once again that may lead to the change in the joints of patient.

Who are the persons treated through the new generation of injection?

If the patient suffered from arthritis, polychondritis, polymyositis or osteoarthritis and non-advanced polychondritis, this is an appropriate remedial action for all different age groups. Accordingly, the patient can go back to his normal life again within two or three days maximum.

Does the patient have to come many times or do many sessions to feel the injection effectiveness?

The response of each patient to the medicine is different from the other based on the medical status of the patient and disease progresses; there are patients who feel better after injection immediately and there are patients who feel better after two or three days maximum if the status is hard.it is well known that the cartilage reconstruction may take a period  from 6 months to one year to repair it.